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Remember logarithms

Whenever you see the word Log or logarithm write down the following:

`Log_2 (8) = 3`

But how do you remember this?

Remember this picture

Remembering the log formula pictorially

Two loggers (Log2) came to chop down some trees but came across a giant gate (8), when they went through the gate the hillside was treeless (3).

`Log_2 (8) = 3`


Remember logarithms and its meaning             

Now we know `Log_2 (8) = 3`

Now we must remember that this means

"What is the power on `2` that gives `8` ?"

To do this we continue on from the previous picture

Remember the log definition and its meaning

The strong woman (power) on two (2) eagles (=) carrying the giant gate (8).

The power on `2` that equals `8`.

`2^? = 8`

Answer: `= 3`

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