Mammoth Memory

Adding vectors

Adding - Just ADD

JUST position the first vector &
ADD the second vector 


Example 1

Add vector `a`  to vector `b`

Take 2 vectors one with a height of 3 and one with the height of 2 

Just join the second vector up with the first vectors destination end

Place the first vector `a`  and add on the second vector.

The result is a new vector `c`

Draw a straight line from the start of the first vector to the end of the second, this is now the new vector.



It doesn't matter in which order you add the vectors.


Try adding `b+a`

You can add vectors in any order making the new vector the same

`a+b=c`  and `b+a=c`

ANOTHER way of showing that `a+b=b+a`  is as follows:


Example 2

Put vector a and b in parallel with each other then join to form a square 


 Adding the vectors twice to make a new shape, the new resulting vector should still be the same

Example 3

You can add a vector to complete a shape, but by adding the other vectors first 

Vector `r=a+b+c+d+e`



You can add the previous vectors to each other in a different order and the resulting vector should be the same 

Vector `r=c+a+d+b+e`


And also

Adding vectors in any order makes the resulting vector the same 

Vector `r=e+c+b+d+a`



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