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Multiplying column vectors

Multiplying vectors is just like any normal calculation but keep the top row separate from the bottom row. This is sometimes called scaling a vector. A scale has magnitude (size) only but in terms of scaling a vector you can think of scaling as a multiple.

Scalar = Multiply 

Scaling is the same as multiplying when it comes to vectors 

SCALE these walls MULTIPLE times to become world champion.


Example 1

Multiply vector `((3),(2))`  by `3`



The vector `((3),(2))` multiplied by `3`  is `((9),(6))`


Example 2

Scale the vector `((3),(2))`  by `3`



The vector `((3),(2))` scaled by `3`  is `((9),(6))`


Example 3

What is half of the vector `((2),(6))`



Half of the vector `((2),(6))=((1),(3))`


Example 4

What is half of  the vector `((-4),(6))`



Half of the vector `((-4),(6))=((-2),(3))`

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