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Gas law constants

Boyles, Charles and Gay Lussac's law each relate to the formula

 `(P_1\ \ V_1)/T_1=(P_2\ \ V_2)/T_2`

But each one of them has a different constant

Boyles law = `T` constant (temperature constant)

Charles law = `P` constant (pressure constant)

Gay Lussac's = `V` constant (volume constant)

Use the following mnemonic to remember this

Boy That Charles Picks Gay Videos

(remember Gay means happy)

Boy That Charles Picks Gay Videos mnemonic to help remember gas law constants

Boy That Charles Picks Gay Videos

translates to

           `B`   `T`
  Boyles `=` Temperature constant
  `C`   `P`
  Charles `=` Pressure constant
  `G`   `V`
  Gay Lussac `=` Volume constant


See alternative gas laws mnemonic on the next page. 

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