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The gas laws

Three people made physical observations and they created:

Boyle's law (pronounced Boils law)

Charles' law (pronounced as in Prince Charles)

Gay-Lussac's law (pronounced gay-loo-sack)


In order to understand these three laws you have to remember the combined version of them, called the Combined Gas Law. 


Combined Gas Law

You must remember:


 `(P_1\ \ V_1)/T_1=(P_2\ \ V_2)/T_2`

Use the folllowing mnemonic to remember these:

Potato and Vegetable on top of Table

Potato and vegetable on top of a table mnemonic to help remember gas laws in physics

Potato and Vegetable on top of Table

translates to

`(P\ \ V)/T`


 `(P_1\ \ V_1)/T_1=(P_2\ \ V_2)/T_2`

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