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The gas laws


Three people made physical observations and they created:

Boyle's law (Pronounced Boil's law)

Charles law (Pronounced as in Prince Charles)

Gay-Lussac's law (Pronounced Gay loose sack)


In order to understand these three laws you have to remember the combined version of them, called the combined gas law. 


Combined Gas Law

You must remember:


 `(P_1\ \ V_1)/T_1=(P_2\ \ V_2)/T_2`

Use the folllowing mnemonic to remember these:

Potato and Vegetable on top of Table

Potato and vegetable on top of a table mnemonic to help remember gas laws in physics

Potato and Vegetable on top of Table

translates to

`(P\ \ V)/T`


 `(P_1\ \ V_1)/T_1=(P_2\ \ V_2)/T_2`

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