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Synaptic vesicle (also known as neurotransmitter vesicle) – tiny sac that releases chemicals

A synaptic vesicle is a tiny sac or pouch that releases the molecules (neurotransmitters) that carry messages across the miniscule gap (synapse) between the axon endings of one neuron and the dendrites of the next.

A synaptic vesicle is a tiny sac carrying molecules across the synapse gap
A sailor sighs as she naps on a vessel (synaptic vesicle) and is told she’s being sacked (sac) for sleeping when she should have been on duty.

Diagram showing the synaptic vesicles 
Synaptic vesicles play a central role in the chemical transmission of signals between neurones. They are key to the storage and release of neurotransmitters that ensure the fast transmission of signals from one neurone to another.

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