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Homo vs. hetero-

These two terms are used in front of many words you see in biology.

Homo can mean two things in biology, the Greek meaning (same) is used in genetics for words like homozygous, while the Latin meaning (man) is used in the binomial naming of species such as Homo sapiens (wise man). Here homo means the same and hetero simply means different.


When you think of homo think of two homosexual men that have fallen in love. Homo- the same.

Homo in biology usually is seen infront of another word but it usually beans the same

You should then remember that hetero is the opposite i.e. the opposite of the same – different. Or you could use the image below. Hetero-different.


Two het up rowers (hetero) in the same boat wanting to row in different directions.

Retro again is seen in front of another word in biology but it simply means different

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