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The Alimentary Canal

The alimentary canal is the whole passage along which food passes through the body from the mouth to the anus.

The elements of the alimentary canal are: 

1.  Salivary glands (in the mouth)

2.  Oesophagus

3.  Stomach

4.  Pancreas

5.  Liver

6.  Gallbladder

7.  Small intestine

8.  Large intestine

9.  Rectum

10. Anus

The following story should enable you to recall all the parts of the alimentary canal in the right order:


Introduction mnemonic of the alimentary canal

Sherlock Holmes decided his landlady needed a break, so he sent her on a canal boat holiday. “You’re so kind,” she says. “Alimentary (alimentary canal), my dear!” Sherlock replies.

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