Mammoth Memory



Sherlock Holmes decides his landlady needs a break, so sends her on a canal boat trip: “Alimentary (alimentary canal), my dear!”


1: As she goes along the canal, the landlady comes across a Salvation Army Band (salivary gland).


2: The band blow their instruments so hard they create more than a soft gust (oesophagus) of wind.


3: The wind takes the boat out to sea where the landlady feels sea sick and everything is removed from her stomach.


4: She gets the boat back to land and now feels hungry, so gets her pan and greases it (pancreas) to cook up a lovely meal.


5: The food smells lovely, but it attracts a highwayman who says: “Stand and deliver! (the liver). Give me your food, I’m hungry.”


6: She gets a tall ladder (gallbladder) and feeds him some food.


7: The highwayman realises that although the landlady is small, she is interesting (small intestine). She likes him, too, and they kiss.


8: He asks her down to the pub for a few drinks: “Would you find the prospect of some lager interesting?” (large intestine).


9: Two days drinking in the pub has wrecked ’em (rectum).


10: They stagger outside and gaze up at the night sky. He shows her Uranus (anus).

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