Mammoth Memory

Environment – Surroundings

Everything surrounding an organism that can affect it, for example light, air, soil, water etc.

Environment is a classic for spelling tests. The toughest part of spelling environment is the middle bit but once you have learnt that it contains the whole word Iron it is easy.

Change the way you say environment in your mind to Env Iron Ment and you will also remember what it means.

Environment = Env IRON ment

Learning graphic to remember the word environment 

But environment in biology means surroundings so imagine a giant iron flattening out the mountains and surroundings.


A desert is an extreme environment which is usually hot, dry and sandy usually lifeless

A desert environment will usually be hot, dry and sandy.

 A cave is an other environment where life may struggle as these can be dark cold and damp

While a cave environment is likely to be dark and damp.

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