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Photosynthesis and respiration  

Photosynthesis uses energy to make glucose.

Respiration uses glucose to create energy.

(Note: respiration uses glucose to create energy for muscles to move in animals and for plant cells to grow).

They are opposites of each other.

To remember the formula for photosynthesis and respiration use the following mnemonic:

Cows Eat Wet Grass Outside.

See below for the explanation.

(Note: In Biology respiration is using glucose to create energy for muscles. In the medical world, respiration represents the act of breathing. All very confusing but don't get mixed up.) 


Photosynthesis occurs in green plants and is the conversion of carbon dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen in the presence of chlorophyll and light.

Graphical memory aid for photosynthesis and respiration formula

This photographer only photos this (photosynthesis) one cow, but is famous for it.

This picture should remind you that:


Cows                     Eat           Wet        Grass        Outside

Carbon dioxide + Energy + Water = Glucose + Oxygen

CO2 + Energy (light energy) + H20  →  Glucose (C6H12O6) + O2


Yes! Just remember Cows Eat Wet Grass Outside.

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