Mammoth Memory

To remember respiration uses Glucose to create energy

Respiration occurs in animals and plants. Respiration uses glucose to create energy for muscles to move in animals and for plant cells to grow.
(note: respiration is the production of energy).

6O2 + C6H12O6 →  6H2O + Energy + 6CO2

Outside  Grass(glucose) Wet   Eat     Cows

(Note: Cows Eat Wet Grass Outside but in reverse)

(Energy is produced in the form of ATP)

Memory aid to remember respiration in plants and animals uses glucose it needs to be replenished

In resting after perspiring (respiration) at the gym there is only one thing to do and that is to have a big drink of glucose to replenish the energy used. 

Respiration uses glucose.


During days with light photosynthesis makes glucose, some of which is then used in respiration.

During cloudy days and the night when photosynthesis slows down or stops, respiration is still going on. This occurs in the mitochondria.

Diagram of a plant cell at night showing how it respires through mitochondria 

O2 + Glucose → H2O + Energy (ATP) + C2O


Respiration occurs in mitochondria to produce ATP. ATP is the energy that keeps humans alive. It’s the powerhouse to power existing cells and build new ones.

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