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Relative mass of particles

Protons and neutrons weigh the same, whereas electrons weigh very little (almost nothing)

Protons weigh 1.0073 amus which is a tiny tiny fraction of a gram
 Protons (peas) have a mass of one.


Neutrons weigh 1.0083 amus which is heavier but the difference is too small to measure so they weigh the same

Neutrons (newts) weigh the same as protons (peas), so also have a mass of one. 


An electron weighs 0.00054 of an amu which is mega small because of this the electron is ignored when calculating the mass of an atom
On the other hand, electrons (electronic robots) weigh almost nothing whatsoever… they’re empty inside!


The illustration above applies to all protons, neutrons and electrons regardless of the element.


Protons and neutrons again


Protons and neutrons weigh the same
Yes, whatever the element, protons and neutrons weigh the same as one another.


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