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Remembering the order of the fractions of crude oil

The fractionating column for crude oil


Within the fractionating column, crude oil is split into the following fractions:

1.  LPG

2.  Petrol/ gasoline

3.  Lighter fuel (naphtha)

4.  Jet fuel (kerosene)

5.  Diesel

6.  Lubricating oil

7.  Fuels for ships

8.  Bitumen


Below is a story to help you remember the order of these fractions.

1. LPG and 2. Petrol/gasoline

The fractions of crude oil with the lowest boiling points and collected at the top of the column are LPG (liquid petroleum gas) and petrol/ gasoline.

At the first and second stages of the fractionating column, LPG and petrol for cars is collected this is at the very top of the column

One day, a giant was seen leaping (LPG) over a petrol/ gasoline station (petrol/ gasoline). He did this to warn a lady about the dangers of smoking.

3.  Lighter fuel (naphtha)

Next to be distilled is naphtha (lighter fuel).

Lighter fluid is collected at the third stage going down

Right next to the petrol/ gasoline station, the lady was using a lighter (lighter fuel) to light a cigarette while her baby napped (naphtha) in the car.

4.  Jet fuel (kerosene)

Jet fuel (kerosene) is the fourth fraction of crude oil to be distilled.

Jet fuel is collected at the forth stage going down

A jet pulled up alongside the car as it had run out of fuel, waking the baby. However she didn’t care about making a scene (kerosene) because of the noise.

5.  Diesel and 6. Lubricating oil

Diesel and lubricating oil have the next highest boiling points and are collected towards the bottom of the column.

At stages 5 and 6 different diesels and lubricating fluids are gathered

The jet couldn’t be helped so a large diesel (diesel) truck had to drag it back to the airport, but there was a large oil (lubricating oil) spill on the way.

7.  Fuel oil for ships

Fuel oil for ships is made up of very long hydrocarbon molecules (containing around 30 carbon atoms) and is distilled next.

Ship fuel is gathered at the 7th stage

They both skidded on the lubricating oil and crashed into a docked ship (fuel oil for ships).

8.  Bitumen

Out of all the fractions, bitumen has the highest boiling point and is collected at the very bottom of the fractionating column.

Bitumen is gathered at the very bottom of the fractionating column

There was such a blaze that the flames began to melt the tarmac (bitumen).

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