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The first twenty elements and remembering them

The first twenty elements in the periodic table are:

1 Hydrogen H

2 Helium He

3 Lithium Li

4 Beryllium Be

5 Boron B

6 Carbon C

7 Nitrogen N

8 Oxygen O

9 Fluorine F

10 Neon Ne

11 Sodium Na

12 Magnesium Mg

13 Aluminium Al

14 Silicon Si

15 Phosphorous P

16 Sulphur S

17 Chlorine Cl

18 Argon Ar

19 Potassium K

20 Calcium Ca


The best way to learn these first 20 elements is to think of two Russian ballet dancers and their dog as follows:

 Mnemonic to help you remember the first 20 elements


They are called:


Hheli Beb Cnof (the male ballet dancer)


Nena Mgal Sipscl (the ballerina)


Ark Ca (the dog)



Put them all together and you get:

Hheli Beb Cnof the male ballet dancer, Nena Mgal Sipscl the ballerina and Ark Ca the dog.



Broken down this is:

1 Hydrogen H

2 Helium He

3 Lithium Li



4 Beryllium Be

5 Boron B



6 Carbon C

7 Nitrogen N

8 Oxygen O

9 Fluorine F



10 Neon Ne

11 Sodium Na



12 Magnesium Mg

13 Aluminium Al



14 Silicon Si

15 Phosphorous P

16 Sulphur S

17 Chlorine Cl



18 Argon Ar

19 Potassium K

20 Calcium Ca



Again put them all together and you get

Hheli Beb Cnof, Nena Mgal Sipscl and Ark Ca. 



With practice, this becomes very easy and you will remember this for the rest of your life.

Mammoth Memory promises you. 

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