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Anapestic heptameter

An anapestic foot (known as an anapest) has two short syllables followed by a long syllable (SSL, or UU/).


Heptameter is seven feet per line.



In this example, each set of seven feet covers two lines – there are four feet in the first line and three in the next:

Heptameter is seven feet per line.

It’s the end of an era. It’s time for goodbye.
Time to hope that I’ll see you ‘gain soon.
We’re en route for the summer. We’re melting away
while the other kids – normal kids – bloom.
Yeah we’re trying to end it, to say our goodbyes,
but we miss the boat each time we do
’cause I don’t want to say it – and you, you can’t not
but this ending just cannot be true
’cause I know that the distance means nothing at all
when you know someone like I know you.

Franka M. – End of an Era

A closer look at the feet in this poem


U = short syllable; / = long syllable; | = division between feet

Anapestic heptameter example 

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