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Stress is long text

Stress is the emphasis that falls on certain syllables. It gives poetry its feet, metre and rhythm. Stress is the longer, accented sound.

Stress gives syllables emphasis

After a day of stress, “Aaahhh” is the long sound people make. When you’re stressed, accidents (accent) can happen.

When you’re stressed, you need someone to lean on – like this leaning shape / which is used to indicate a stressed syllable (see examples below).Stress memory text

Stress:            Longer (longer sound)



                        Large facial movements when spoken

                        Leaning shape ( / )      

There are words that consist of two stressed syllables in a row.


A word like this is called spondaic (see the page Types of feet).


Stress example 1 

Commands are often two stressed syllables in a row because they are longer, louder, clearer and require large facial movements when spoken:

Stress example 2 

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