Mammoth Memory

Saturday – el sábado


(Pronounced sah-bah-doh)

To remember that Saturday is pronounced sah-bah-doh (sábado) in Spanish, use the following mnemonic:

I finally sat down on Saturday, but the kids sabotaged me with dough! (sábado).

I finally sat down on Saturday, but the kids sabotaged me with dough! (sábado)

NOTE: Mammoth Memory remembers Saturday as the day you sat down.

Please also note that days of the week in Spanish do not have capital letters, hence sábado NOT Sábado.


All days of the week are masculine, so it’s el lunes, el martes, el miércoles, el jueves, el viernes, el sábado and el domingo. Imagine seven different elephants – one for each day of the week.

Imagine seven different elephants – one for each day of the week.

NOTE: You will rarely need to put “el” or “un” before a day of the week, but it’s useful to know for those odd times when you do.

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