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Equilateral triangle is one in which all three sides have same length.

 Equilateral starts with the word EQUAL

Equilateral starts with the word equal (or the starts have similar sounds) to remind you that all sides of the triangle are equal.



Equilateral shapes have the same proportions such as same side length and some internal angles of corners 

Different sized equilateral triangles


Equilateral triangles containing more triangles, where all are separate 

This triangle is made up of many triangles, but all of them are equilateral.

The trigonometry diagram shows the sides are the same length and the internal angles are the same so it is an equilateral shape

All the sides are equal length and all the internal angles are 60° on an equilateral triangle.



The internal angle between each of an equilateral triangles sides is always 60°.


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