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How to remember

Annual interest formula remember

The formula is:



To remember this think

Annual interest formula title

The annual that was most interesting in my childhood:

Mnemonic to explain annual

Annual of most interest had a front cover that looked like a face. 

Mnemonic to explain annual interest formula

Draw this interesting face and you won't forget this formula

Image of annual interest formula in order


Rin nearly spells ring, which many people have in their nose or eyebrows.

Nut is a reference to your head where ‘nt’ sits.

P is eating Pea soup.

Now turn this sideways

Memory aid to remember annual interest

Do a quick sketch – Then rotate it

Sketch the mnemonic then rotate, will give you the formula

Formula symbol meaning


How do you know what each symbol means?

From our picture:

 1.   Annual book that was most interesting.          

Mnemonic to explain annual

 A = Annual interest formula 

But the A also stands for ALL as in all the total interest.


 2.  Pea green soup (Principal).

      And we always start with the soup don’t we? (Starting amount)

 Pea soup means principle in the formula

  P = Principal (starting amount)


3.  r can only be rate

     r = rate of interest

    (What else could it be?)


4.  t = time (in years)

     (What else could it be?)


5.  n = If n stands for night time, there are 365 nights in a year. So if the interest compounded every night n would be 365.

     n = number of compounds in a year.

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