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Square root

Square root – The square root of a number is the value that is multiplied by itself to give you that number.

(i.e. the root of the number)

The square root has a symbol that is shaped like a tick.

√ This is the symbol of the square root which looks like a tick.

To remind you that the symbol of a square root is a tick, see below:

A square root is the number that is being multiplied

To help you remember what the square root of a number is think of a ROOT OF A TREE covered in ticks (bugs) (see below).


What is the square root of 9?

We know the tree is 9 but what is its ROOT?

The root of 9 is 3  `(3times3=9)`


The square root has a symbol, a sort of tick with a line.


We say the square root of 9 equals 3.

Here are the first 10 square roots of numbers up to 100:
































These should be easy because if you see the section on multiplication tables it is imperative that a child should know all numbers up to 12 multiplied by themselves.

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