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Number to a noun

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Remembering numbers is easy. Just convert a number to a noun and you have an image that cannot be forgotten.

All you have to do is
remember 12 things

Remember to link a noun to a number

Yes, unfortunately, 12 things – but that's it, honestly!

Link a noun with each number




  1. It is absolutely vital to understand that it is not how a word is written but how it sounds.
    That's why both z or s can represent 0 (because z and s sound very similar when pronounced.)

    It is also why:
    t or d can be 1
    j or sh or soft ch or soft g can be 6
    f or v or th can be 8
    p or b can be 9


     It's the sound NOT the spelling

  2. Double letters should be treated as if they are one letter.


    ll = l
    ss = s

    The reason for this is that they sound the same and we ignore the spelling.

     It's the sound NOT the spelling

  3. Ignore silent letters, for instance the "g" in "sign".

    The reason for this is that the "g" makes no sound – it is silent, and:

     It's the sound NOT the spelling


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