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Remembering numbers that start with zeros 

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Just as numbers 1 to 999 can be turned into a picture, so too can all the numbers from 00 to 099.

We are including keywords for these numbers because it’s surprising how often they come in useful.

For instance:

“Don’t forget to phone me on 734 008!”

Our favourite keyword for 734 is camera, and for 008 it’s his sofa.

Let’s pretend the person who wants you to phone has lost his camera (734), but after a long search finds it under his sofa (008).

What about this number:


Can you imagine trying to remember this one without having made image associations for number 000 to 099?

Taking our favourite keywords for each set of three digits gives us seesaws, war zone, Siamese and roses. Now make up a memorable sentence using these words, e.g:

The seesaws were like a war zone as the Siamese cats fought over who would have the bunch of roses.

Vital numbers like the PINs for credit cards and debit cards, and National Insurance Numbers, may also contain zeros.

Card detail numbers can be hard to remember but with this method it can be easy

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