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Example 1

Columbus discovered America in 1492.

Columbus discovered America in 1492

Think of Christopher Columbus arriving in America with his boats. Each boat was wrapped in a beautiful pink ribbon (ribbon = 492).

NOTE: Ignore the 1 as you know the date has to start with a 1.


Example 2

You can also use the first letter of each word to help you remember.

The Spanish Armada was destroyed in 1588.

Spanish armada destroyed 1588 

Large Fleet Failed (LFF = 588) – Spanish Armada destroyed in 1588.

Again, ignore the 1 as you know the date has to start with a 1.



Example 3

The world’s first stamp used in a public postal system was the Penny Black in 1840.

The penny black was the first stamp produced in 1840 

Some thought the Queen’s hair looked a bit frizzy on the first stamp.

Take the word frizzy = FRZZ (ignore the “i” as it is a vowel, and the “y” as it is one of the other letters (W, H, Y and X) that have no effect.

The double ZZ is treated as one Z, so:

FRZ = 840.

We can assume there is a 1 in front of this.

Therefore: The first stamp was in 1840.


Example 4

Man first set foot on the moon in 1969.

The first man on the moon stepped in 1969

We landed on the moon and found a chip.

Chip = 69.

We know that the moon landing was in the 1900s.

Therefore the moon landing was in 1969.


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