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Mirror experiment – Shortest mirror

The following is a terrific way to learn that to see your entire body in a mirror you only need a mirror half the height of the person.

Mirror equals half the height of the person

Ask a friend to stand in front of a full-length mirror. Stand ready with a non-permanent marker.

Things you need to conduct the experiment

Ask your friend to tell you where to put horizontal lines on the mirror when they can see that they would line up with the top of their head and the bottom of their feet.


See below how the image would look.

Mirror marked marked at head and foot of reflection

A side view of this would be as follows:

Side view of mirror marked at head and foot of reflection

Finally, measure both your friend's height and the distance between the mirror marks.

Using a tape measure to measure the marks placed on the mirror

You will find that 

The mirror `=1/2` your height.

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