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James Watson and Francis Crick

The people credited with discovering all this, while working at the University of Cambridge in 1953, were James Watson and Francis Crick.

DNA Structure

James Watson and Francis Crick were the two men who built the first model showing DNA’s double helix structure.

Memory aid to remember Francis Crick discovered the double helix

A jam (James) doughnut being spin-bowled by Dr Watson at Dr Frankenstein’s (Francis) cricket (Crick) playing monster. As the doughnut spins away it creates a double helix in the air.


They hadn’t got stumps and so improvised by using Dogs Not Allowed (DNA) signs.

James Watson

James Watson helped establish the human genome project, an international scientific research project with the goal of determining the sequence of chemical base pairs which make all the variations of each human gene. The human genome project was declared complete in April 2003.

Memory aid of James Watson established the human genome project

Eventually James Watson gave his jam doughnut to a garden gnome (genome).

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