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Remembering meiosis

When gametes are formed by meiosis, four cells are produced from the original cell. Each gamete cell contains half the number of chromosomes as a normal cell.

Memory aid to remember meiosis cells contain half the number of chromosomes to normal cells

When my old sis (meiosis) walks on all fours (produces 4 gamete cells), she is half my height (half the number of chromosomes).


During meiosis, the number of the chromosomes inside the diploid cells inside the ovary and testes is halved (from 46 to 23) to make haploid gametes. This is so that when the egg fuses with the sperm, the fertilised egg will have 46 chromosomes in total, 23 from the mother and 23 from the father. 

Definition of diploid.

Definition of haploid.

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