Mammoth Memory

After the tubule

We’ve now reached the end of the tubule. The filtrate has now become urine – just waste material and excess water – which must continue its journey through to eventual expulsion from the body.

Calyx (pronounced kay-lix) 

From the collecting ducts, the urine goes to the calyx, a meeting point of ducts serving many nephrons.

The calyx is the collecting tube that gathers all substances from the collecting tubes of nephrons

All filtrate gathers here

Not only have the hen and the ducks been drinking heavily, they have also been eating cake, and have cake all around their lips (calyx).

Renal pelvis

The urine then enters the renal pelvis, the meeting point of all the kidney’s calyces (plural of calyx).

All substances from each calyx gathers here

 The gathered urine starts to leave the kidney

The hen and ducks decided to get someone to entertain them – they got The King, Elvis the Pelvis (renal pelvis), a tribute act.


The urine then enters the ureter, a tube that goes from the renal pelvis to the bladder, where the urine is held until it is released from the body through urination.

The ureter is a tube that runs from the kidneys to the bladder

 The urine that leaves the kidney flows down the ureter to the bladder where it is held

The hen and ducks noticed that Elvis the Pelvis’s teeth had seen better days. One of the ducks shouts: “Hey, Elvis, you need to get your eaters (ureters) fixed.”


The bladder is where urine is stored until it is released – what we refer to as urination.

The bladder stores the urine liquid ready for excretion

The stored liquid will be released during excretion called urination

Elvis the Pelvis has been eating too much and has grown fat. He needs to exercise by climbing up and down a big ladder (bladder).


During urination, the urine passes from the bladder along the urethra and out of the body.

During urination the liquid from the bladder rushes down the urethra and out of the body

The urethra is a different length and position for male and females 

Elvis the Pelvis fears that if he doesn’t exercise enough, he’ll soon be receiving a wreath (urethra).

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