Mammoth Memory

Kidneys clean the blood (there are two kidneys)

 An image to show that there are 2 kidneys in the body



The kid’s knees (kidneys) need cleaning up of blood (clean the blood). Both knees need cleaning (two kidneys). 


Kids have two knees, which helps you remember that you have two kidneys.

Renal – relating to the kidneys

An image to remind you that the renal system relates to the kidneys 

A nurse has just had her fingers re-nailed (renal) when she notices the kid needs (kidneys) help.

Kidneys control salt and water levels

The kidneys control salt and water levels in the blood

The nurse uses salt and water to clean up the kid’s knees (kidneys).

Kidneys remove urea from the blood

The kidneys remove urea out of the blood

The nurse tells the boy: “I’ll also have to clean your ear (urea) because it’s been cut in the fall as well.”

Kidneys produce hormones

The kidneys produce hormones

The kid had cut his knees when he fell off his horse. The horse moans (hormones) about any jump she has to complete.

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