Mammoth Memory

 Summary of tubule to bladder story

1.   A tuba player had a big bow in his cap (Bowman’s capsule).

2.   He takes off his cap so a hairdresser can apply cream from peroxide tubes (proximal tubule) to his hair.

3.   The hairdresser is a loopy hen (loop of Henle).

4.   The loopy hen is off her trolley because she’s been distilling alcohol through a bendy tube (distal tubule) and sampling it.

5.   In fact, she’s been drinking all afternoon with her friends, a collection of ducks (collecting ducts).

6.   They’ve also been eating cake, and have cake all around their lips (calyx).

7.   They get The King – Elvis the Pelvis (renal pelvis) – to entertain them.

8.   A duck tells Elvis to get his rotten teeth – “your eaters” (ureters) – fixed.

9.   Overweight Elvis climbs up and down a big ladder (bladder) to get fit.

10. If he doesn’t exercise enough, he might soon receive a wreath (urethra).

Summary diagram of the main features of the renal system

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