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Static Strength Examples and Benefits

We know that static strength is the force that a person can exert while remaining stationary.

Static - Stationary

You must now work out what sort of exercises involve applying strength with no movement.

Static strength refers to the force that can be produced by a muscle or group of muscles without any movement occurring at a joint. Static strength is often tested through exercises such as isometric holds, where a person maintains a certain position against resistance for a period of time. This type of strength is important in activities that involve maintaining position or stability, such as holding a heavy object in place or supporting one's own body weight. The benefits of static exercises is that they are a great way to warm up muscles and get the entire body temperature elevated prior to performing dynamic or explosive strength exercises. Static strength exercise therefore help prevent injury.

Static strength exercise therefore help prevent injury

Note: An easier example would have been a plank but the above example always looks amazing. 



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