Mammoth Memory


Examples include leeches

Part of the main groups of invertebrate story a memory aid for annelids

It’s the day of the triathlon, and in the first stage, the worm and the other competitors have to swim across a lake – but when the worm gets out on the other side, she has leeches on an eyelid (annelids).

Examples of annelids

Freshwater leech

 An image of a freshwater leech it is a parasite that feeds on blood, part of the annelids

The Freshwater Leech is a parasite that feeds on the blood of fish, frogs, turtles, and mammals.

Bearded fireworm

An image of a bearded fireworm part of the annelid group this bristle worm lives in the sea

This is a type of bristle worm that lives in the sea.

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