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The main invertebrate groups

 An image of a box containing all kinds of invertebrates that fit into the main groups


Invertebrates include:

Coelenterates (including jellyfish and sea anemones). (Coelenterate is pronounced sill-enter-rate)


Coelenterates are also known as Cnidarians (pronounced nye-dairy-anns)

Annelids (such as earthworms and leeches)

Nematodes (roundworms)

Molluscs (slugs, snails, mussels and octopuses)

Arthropods the largest animal phylum (the one with the greatest number of different types, including insects, spiders and crabs);

Echinoderms (including starfish and sea urchins). (Echinoderm is pronounced eck-kyne-oh-derm)

The following story should help you remember these names:

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