Mammoth Memory

Coelenterates (pronounce sill-enter-rate)

Examples include Jellyfish

Mnemonic story that depicts coelenterates an example could be jellyfish

The worm that couldn’t work on the building site because she didn’t have a backbone is also a keen athlete. She enters a sponsored triathlon, but there’s a silly entry rate (coelenterate) – the worm has to pay an entry fee of £100 and raise at least £3,000 in promised sponsorship before it can take part! As soon as she put her name down her only ‘leg’ felt like jelly (jellyfish).

Examples of coelenterates

Sea nettle jellyfish

Image of a sea nettle jellyfish, an example of coelenterates species

Red Waratah anemone

Image of a red waratah anemone, an example of coelenterates species

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