Mammoth Memory


Examples include snails

Part of the main groups of invertebrate story a mnemonic of molluscs

During the running part of the triathlon, the worm thinks she is going to win but at the last moment a gangster’s moll (mollusc) passes her. The moll looks behind her, grins and wins. Just so that you know, a snail was last to finish!

Examples of molluscs

Garden snail

An image of a graden snail an example of a mollusc and is a major pest in the garden

The garden snail – also known as the European brown garden snail – is a very slow mover and looks harmless enough, but is a major pest in gardens.

Common cuttlefish

An image of a cuttlefish, an example of a mollusc, despite having fish in its name it is indeed a mollusc

Despite having “fish” in its name, it’s not a fish, but a mollusc.

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