Mammoth Memory


Examples include roundworms

Part of the main groups of invertebrate story a mnemonic of nematodes and roundworms

Pulling the leeches off to clear her vision at the start of the cycling stage, the worm notices a fellow competitor has forgotten to put her cycling shoes on. The spectators along the route are able to see her anaemic toes (nematodes), the result of a roundworm infection.

Examples of nematodes


A magnification of a roundworm in a human gut that can grow upto 35cm long

This type of nematode can infect the human gut. It can grow up to 35cm long.

Root-knot nematode

Magnification of the root-knot nematode a parasite that lives in soil and can damage crops

This nematode lives in the soil and as a parasite in plant roots. It can cause considerable damage to crops.

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