Mammoth Memory

The main groups of arthropods

Arthropods include:

Arachnids (spiders)

Crustaceans (including crabs, lobsters and shrimps)

Myriapods (creatures with long bodies and lots of legs, such as centipedes and millipedes)

Insects (including flies, beetles, ants, wasps, bees, and butterflies)

First mnemonic of a story to remember the main groups of arthropods

King Arthur is on his podium (arthropod) when he feels hungry and asks his servants to bring some food.

Arachnids and Crustaceans

A mnemonic of arachnids and crustaceans memory aid two of the main groups of arthropods

Servants in Spiderman anoraks (arachnids) place Arthur’s round table on the podium and bring some crusts (crustaceans) for the king. Some of the crusts were shaped like crabs.


A mnemonic of myriapods memory aid one of the main groups of arthropods

The Knights of the Round Table, always looking for a free meal, join the king. They are very vain and have several mirrors (myriapods) placed around the table so they can admire themselves while eating the bread. The mirrors have lots of legs, like centipedes and millipedes.


A mnemonic of Insects part of the main groups of arthropods

However, a swarm of flies and an army of beetles (insects) are attracted by the bread, so Arthur and his knights leave the podium and order some food in their local inn instead.

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