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Adam’s apple

The Adam’s apple is the ‘laryngeal prominence’.

It protects the larynx. It’s a cartilage that protrudes at an angle to surround the larynx.  

The Adams apple is a protrusion of the throat created by the thyroid cartilage the scientific name is the Laryngeal prominence

With a large Adam’s apple he could sing ‘La La La’ all day in jail (laryngeal) before they carted him away (cartilage).


The laryngeal prominence protrudes at 90° for men and 120° in women. This tighter angle of protrusion as well as increased size due to hormonal changes in puberty give men a more prominent Adam’s apple.

The angle of the thyroid cartilage for a female is 120 degrees where male it is 90 degrees, this is why more males have Adams apples than females


 Front and side view of the thyroid cartilage

 An image showing the laryngeal prominence in relation to the trachea


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