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The larynx is the part of your throat that contains your vocal chords.

The larynx or voice box contains the vocal chords

The French ice hockey team stand on  La Rink (larynx) and are told by a woman with a loud voice standing on a box (voice box) to “Get off the ice!” so it can be cleaned.


Detailed structure of the larynx position in the throat and what is contained in the larynx

When we inhale (breathe in), air enters our nose or mouth. It proceeds through the larynx and trachea, down into our lungs. As we exhale (breathe out), air goes the opposite way.

The vocal cords relax as we breathe, so that the air moves through the space between them without making a sound.

Magnification of the vocal chords in the larynx, these open and close like curtains to change pitch of voice

Vocal cords

The vocal cords tighten and come closer together when we speak. They vibrate as air from the lungs is forced between them. This produces the unique sound of our voice. The sound is modified by our tongue, lips and teeth, to make words that others can understand.

The esophagus is the tube that transports food from the mouth to the stomach; it is just behind the trachea and the larynx.

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