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Bronchial, bronchus, bronchi and Bronchiole

We describe each of the branches of the lung with an i, us, ial or ole.

To remember which is which, remember.

What all the endings of the word bronch mean 

Bronchial (all the branches)

This relates to all the airway tubes in the lungs. (You may have heard of bronchial pneumonia) 

Bronchus (one main branch to each lung)

A large air tube that begins at the end of the trachea and branches into the lung’s bronchi. It is either of two main branches of the trachea.

Bronchi (many branches through the lung)

These are the many airway passages that pass through the lungs.

Bronchioles (the tiniest branches)

The bronchioles connect to a big hole with a sac. (See Alveoli)

Passage of air through the bronch (branches) of the trachea

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