Mammoth Memory

How to remember Alcohols

Following on from the section on how to remember hydrocarbons you also need to know that the word methanol means


Meth = Me teeth eating a bun = Meth is 1 carbon

(which we already know)


But also that Anol means OH is attached.

So Methanol = CH3OH


Mammoth memory chemistry uses pictures to link

Anol to mean "An old" phara OH = OH


This would allow you to realise that Ethanol

Eth - Death - with red shoes = Eth is 2

and - "an old" - pharaoh = OH

is a hydrocarbon with 2 carbon atoms and an OH attachment as

Structure of ethanol molecule showing the bonds between the carbon hydrogen and oxygen atoms

Or it also allows you to realise that

Butanol molecular bonds showing the arrangement of the hydrogen carbon and oxygen atoms

means 4 carbon atoms and an OH attachment.


4 = Door = Beauty in doorway = But

OH = Pharaoh = An old = Anol

we are dealing with



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