Mammoth Memory

The peg method of memory

Sometimes, remembering specific numbers can be difficult. In chemistry, you quite often need numbers in formulae, amongst other things. Hydrocarbons is a great example of this – you could try remembering that there are four carbon atoms, or two, or three, but without help it’s easy to forget!

Enter Mammoth Memory!

1 Bun

2 Shoe

3 Tree

4 Door

Linking a picture to each number will help. For example, the number one is “bun”, so to remember that there is just one of something, you might think of it eating a bun, or inside a bun, or standing or sitting on (and probably squashing) a bun!

Here are the images we’ll be using in our pictures. Why did we pick them? Because all of them rhyme, so they’re easy to remember!

1.    Bun

The number 1 is linked to bun


2.    Shoe

The number 2 is linked with shoe

3.    Tree

The number 3 is linked with tree

4.    Door

The number 4 is linked with door

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