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Remember the pronouns for first person – “I”

If you see the following pronouns used to indicate the viewpoint of a writer in a passage of writing, then the text is described as first person:

First person: I, me, my, myself, mine, we.


"We" is first person plural.


To remember this, the following will help:

The pronoun for first person is I

The first person was Adam.

From his viewpoint, Adam would use the pronouns I, me, my and mine.


Another way to remember first person is to recognise it's not second or third person. 



This sentence is an example of writing in the first person:

I asked the hotel porter to carry my case but he ignored me and picked up a case that wasn’t mine, so I ended up carrying my case myself.


“he” is not from the writer’s viewpoint so is not considered in determining whether the writing is first, second or third person.

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