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How to identify language and presentational features

One of the units in many English language exams is about spotting the language and presentational features that have been used in example texts, and how well you understand the texts. These texts are often referred to as “sources”.

Following are three examples of the kind of "source" you may be presented with in the exam:

English language exam example text language features presentational features


English language features and presentational features exam how to spot features

English language exam language features presentational features how to spot features

These are the kinds of text you might be asked to look at:

  • an online newspaper article
  • an excerpt from a novel
  • a page from a biography
  • a flyer for a sponsored event
  • a page from a magazine


The questions about the sources can include:

  1. Questions about any language features used by the writers and the effects these have on you
  2. Questions about the way the text is presented and the effect this has on you
  3. Questions about your understanding of the writing
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