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Venn Diagram

A diagram that uses overlapping rings or circles to represent sets and their relationships.

A Venn diagram is a set of overlapping circles showing different sets of data and their relationships with others

The vending (venn) machine only gives out rings.


Example 1

When 2 circles overlap the data shown in the middle has a relationship with both circles representing data

The red section applies to only A and the blue section applies to only B but where the two rings overlap applies to both A and B.


Example 2

A 3 way Venn diagram showing 3 sets of data and the overlapping values

Venn diagrams can have any number of rings or circles.


Example 3

A more realistic Venn diagram that most businesses use

The centre of the above venn diagram where all 3 rings overlap represents the product that is made fast, cheap and good.


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