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Bacteria and Viruses

These are the two main types of pathogen that cause diseases. Bacteria release toxins and viruses damage our cells.

There are 2 main types of pathogen bacteria produces toxins, Viruses damage cells 

The women on the path of gin (pathogen) had a tattoo on her back of a tear (bacteria). Before she could make it across the sea she had to run the gauntlet, “Via us!” (Virus) said the path of gin (pathogen). 


Examples of pathogenic bacteria



 Diseases they cause


 Pneumonia; food poisoning; toxic shock syndrome


 Impetigo; strep throat (inflammation and pain in throat);  meningitis; ear infections


 Food poisoning

 Neisseria  gonorrhoeae

 Gonorrhoea, a sexually transmitted disease

 Salmonella typhi


Examples of pathogenic viruses



Organs affected


Respiratory tract


Skin, nervous system


Salivary glands, blood


Whole body

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