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Deficiency diseases 

Deficiency diseases are caused by dietary deficiency. This means the body is deprived of one or more essential vitamins or minerals.

A deficiency disease is caused by a deprivation of an essential vitamin or mineral the body needs to function healthily

There was a deficiency of food (deficiency disease) on the woman’s plate.

Examples of deficiency diseases

1.  Scurvy (characterised by swollen, bleeding gums and opening of previously healed wounds, arising from deficiency of vitamin C)

2.  Rickets (softening and distortion of children’s bones through deficiency of vitamin D)

3.  Osteoporosis (bones become brittle through deficiency of vitamin D and calcium)

An example of deficiency disease could be rickets this is deficiency of vitamin D that softens and distorts children's bones

Rickets, which can cause distortion of children’s bones, is an example of a deficiency disease.

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