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After Sales Service – Any support by a business to the customer after they have purchased a product or service

After sales service is a self explanatory term. Just think, after the sale what kind of service does the business provide?

After sales service s a self explanatory term. Just think "after the sale what kind of service does the business provide?"

After sales service is important for a number of reasons. First, it can help to improve customer satisfaction. When customers know that they can receive help if they have problems, they are more likely to be satisfied with their purchase. This can improve customer loyalty, as people who have had a good experience with after sales service are more likely to do business with the same company again in the future. After sales service can also help reduce costs. By resolving problems quickly and efficiently, businesses can avoid costly returns and repairs.

After sales service can include a variety of elements, such as:

  • Warranty service: This is the most common type of after sales service. It covers the repair or replacement of products that are defective or break down within a certain time period. If someone buys a new car from a dealership, they may well be offered to pay extra for an extended warranty that could last up to 7 years. A 3 year warranty will usually come with a car, meaning that if a component breaks within these 3 years, the dealer will replace it for free.
  • Technical support: This is the help that customers receive from a business when they have problems using a product or service. It can be provided over the phone, email, or through online chat. If a business purchases a new software suite, it is highly likely that technical support will be included in the purchase. As the software is vital to the operations of the company, technical issues can be very expensive, so an immediate response from tech support to rectify these issues is essential.
  • Training: This is the instruction that customers receive on how to use a product or service when they buy it. It can be provided in person, online or through self-paced tutorials. As with the example for technical support, a suite of software programs may require workers to first be trained to use it. By offering this service, a company is more likely to receive a positive review, as the customer has had a smooth experience using the product.
  • Customer support: This is the general assistance that customers receive from a business. It can include things like answering questions and resolving complaints. Examples of customer support can be seen in every industry. If you are having problems ordering from a retailer’s website, you can phone a customer support line to sort out the issue.

An example of a company that has improved sales due to excellent after sales service is automotive manufacturer Suzuki. They are routinely rated as one of the top performing automotive and motorcycle companies when it comes to customer satisfaction. Pride is taken in the reliability of their products, but any issues that a customer does have are resolved very quickly and efficiently. This after sales care has not gone unnoticed by consumers, with brand loyalty being very high compared to many rivals.

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