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2 part ratio and dividing up amounts

Ratios are used to divide a large amount up. The best way to tackle these are

 Work out 1 part
by adding all the ratios


Example 1

Fiona worked for 2 days on a farm and Molly worked 3 days on the farm. The farmer gave them £250. What would be the fairest way to split the money?

So the ratio is Fiona 2: Molly 3

Add ratio `=2+3=5` parts in all.

Now work out `1` part

(see our section on percentages for full explanation)

`5\ parts=£250`

 `1\ part=£x`

Now put divide sign in






`1\ part=£50`


Fiona 2 `=2times£50` `=` `£100`
Molly 3 `=3times£50` `=`


  Total `=` `£250`


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