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3 part ratio and dealing with decimals

To work out ratios with decimals

Get rid of the decimal.
(We only work in integers.)


Keep multiplying all 3 ratios by 10 until decimal disappears. 



Simplify the following ratio with decimals.


Multiply all 3 ratios by `10` 



Because there is still a decimal in the ratio continue multiplying all 3 ratios by `10`.



Now we have removed the decimals we can now simplify `300:240:45`

(see our section on 3 part ratios - simplify integers)


`2`, `3`, `4`, `5.......` The first number that will divide into all of the ratio numbers is `3`.



`3` will not divide into these numbers again, the next number that will is `5`.



This ratio will not divide down any further so the answer is.




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